Mold Treatment

Simply put, Bactronix measures, kills and prevents bacteria from returning. There is study after study showcasing the ever increasing issues resulting from mold, mildew, viruses, food related illness and many other bacterial infections in our daily environment. These invisible enemies are microscopic organisms that stay hidden from the naked eye, but wreak havoc on ourselves and our family members. They can live almost anywhere there is liquid or water, and warm, moist, humid areas are the most vulnerable. Sounds pretty familiar for our Myrtle Beach area, doesn’t it? All along the Grand Strand, our neighborhoods, homes and offices are extremely susceptible to these disease-causing pollutants. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the mold treatment solutions that Bactronix has to offer.

Mold Treatment 101

Harmful organisms form cell layers as they attach to any surface. The cells grow, divide, and the layers intertwine to form a dense protective layer called BIOFILM. The BIOFILM shields and prevents most sanitizers from infiltrating and killing the organism.

Bactronizing™ is a revolutionary new process that is leading the industry by providing a totally “Green” sanitizing solution to eliminate mold, mildew, food-related illnesses and other harmful viral/bacterial infections for all types of environments. It is proven safe and effective for human and animal environments and use nontoxic, biodegradable and EPA registered solutions.

BactroKill™ – Disinfection

The BactroKill Process is applied through an advanced electrostatic delivery system to ensure 100% coverage of the intended area. A “Surface Friction” is created that weakens and ruptures dangerous BIOFILM, allowing the patented agent to infiltrate the CELL ENVIRONMENT and destroy the organism.

The BactroKill Process utilizes a non-toxic nanotechnology that is stabilized in water. It contains a pre-set intelligence, designed to seek out and physically kill bacteria through a mechanical action that dismembers the cell into parts. The process will not produce byproducts or VOC’s.

BactroBlock™ – Protection

The BactroBlock Process is also applied through the same advanced electrostatic delivery system to ensure 100% coverage of the intended area. It is engineered with an organosilane that is stabilized in water, able to coat porous and non-porous surfaces.

The BactroBlock Process establishes a non-toxic “Micro-Biostatic” polymer coating of carbon spikes that provides antimicrobial protection. This nanotechnology physically kills microorganisms that come in contact by impaling them on the spikes and delivering an electric shock. This process has residual efficacy that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, and algae for extended periods of time, typically 90 to 360 days depending on the levels of cross-contamination activity.

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