Mold Mildew Odors

Bactronix specializes in fighting the invisible enemy. What is the invisible enemy? The invisible enemies are microscopic organisms, too small for the eye to even see, that live and thrive in areas of water. These microbes, like mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria can then present multiple problems and diseases for us, our employees and our families.

Some possible viruses include (but are not limited to): Swine Flu / Avian Flu / Hepatitis A, B & C / Herpes Simplex / HIV / Influenza / Norovirus / Parvovirus

Bactronix measures, kills and prevents bacteria from returning. Our 2-step process is applied electrostatically so it ensures 100% coverage. Bactronix is the perfect solution for inspection, prevention and removal of mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria everywhere, but especially in places that you need environmentally safe and virus sensitive areas like schools, medical facilities, restaurants and other food industries, commercial locations, and your home.

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